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San Diego's Original Wedding Dance Lesson Specialists Welcome You!

Your Wedding Is Getting Close...

Your wedding day is fast approaching, maybe faster than you'd like. By now, you may be looking forward to it and... feeling like it's a massive deadline! So much to get done!

Rachele and Mike wedding dance lift

"The wedding was beautiful and the dance went off without a hitch! Thanks for all your help."
- Rachele and Mike

Are You Ready To Dance?

Is your wedding first dance on your "to do" list? Has your sweetie agreed to practice with you? What about wedding dance lessons? Is he reluctant? Are you?

No Pressure Or Anything!

In front of all your friends and family, the two of you are expected to avoid stepping on toes and dance beautifully together, looking graceful and happy and relaxed. Public speaking is bad enough, but dancing? Not to mention it's on your wedding day, one of the biggest days of your life... Yikes!

If You Feel This Way... are not alone! It can feel intimidating. We truly understand. That's why we don't just teach dance steps. Our wedding dance lessons can help you conquer any jitters you may have about it, both now and later (if any come up on your big day), as well as show you all the little touches that will help you shine. You'll be able to glide through your first dance glowing and smiling!

Not Your Ordinary Ballroom Dance School

So who are we? We're Wedding Dance San Diego. And we're not your average ballroom dance studio that also teaches wedding couples. Our lessons and classes are unique in that they are distinctly "wedding dance lessons." We include special things you won't find elsewhere, such as a mini "dress rehearsal" with a real petticoat or gown that we provide for you, video of your practice so you can see how you'll actually look, and lots more.

And Speaking Of How You'll Look...

You won't have to worry that you'll have that "deer in the headlights" face because your dancing will be genuine. We don't fight nature by giving you steps that feel unnatural to you. We enhance the way you move already so that nothing looks stiff or fake or forced. Yes, you're aiming for a "performance" of sorts, but it should feel good, too, not just look good. You want to be able to relax about your first dance. Well, you will, because you'll really be ready. It will be the romantic, fun experience it was meant to be!

Plain or Fancy? Or What Style Of Wedding Dance Are You?

Do you want to keep it super simple, or would you like glamorous choreography? The choice is yours. You can learn a few basic steps and "keep it loose" on your wedding day, or you can have a fully choreographed, custom wedding dance.

Just Like Riding A Bike!

You'll get a foundation of leading and following in either case so that, whether you take one lesson or twenty, you'll never forget how it works, just like learning to ride a bike. And though some first dances are never used again, we'll also make sure you can keep using your dancing by giving you tips on how to adapt your moves for other occasions, too. (Bonus for you: this will almost magically improve your "father-daughter" and "mother-son" dances!)

Once You Learn It, You'll Always Have It

That's really the bottom line: no matter what, for the rest of your life you'll know how to get connected with your spouse on the dance floor. How great is that?! Long after the cake and flowers are gone, you can enjoy yourselves dancing for any "date night" or anniversary or holiday party. Your dance lessons at Wedding Dance San Diego will give you a wonderful wedding first dance and years of enjoyment.

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